Monday, January 12, 2009

Stuff of another sort.....

A I mentioned yesterday, I needed to revive two beanbag chairs that had gone flat so that I could set up a reading area for the kids. Today I picked up freecycled styrofoam peanuts and as luck would have it, half of them had come out of a beanbag chair to begin with! The two chairs that we have, which have been in a closet for probably a year, are functional and now being used. The kids were thrilled.

I always go over bills and assess our spending around the middle of the month. Today I was pleasantly surprised. Over the last two weeks, we have spent only $184. This includes gas, groceries, a trip to Incredible Pizza, and the two light fixtures we got on Craigslist. This is what we paid for. If you read the other posts, you'll see it also includes a a day at the zoo, new paint for our home office and my daughter's room, 6 adorable lunch trays from Pottery Barn, clothes for my son, and clothes for me. (my sister brought "hand-me-ups" from her trendy young neighbor--a cute pair of boots and 2 dresses!!) These are things we got for free. It also includes a playroom, an ironing board, a lamp, two beanbag chairs and the infamous roll of tape. These are things we gave back to ourselves with a little elbow grease. (I feel happiest about these!)

I sold a clothing lot on Craigslist for $120, and my husband returned some leftover flooring materials for $50 so all in all this has turned out to be a great couple of weeks for us. I've said before, and I mean it, that this isn't about money but about simplifying our lives and reducing waste. But the fringe benefit to it all IS saving money, and that's great!!

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