Thursday, January 8, 2009


Our family has decided not to buy anything new, (as in retail, from a store) for one full year. WHY?
1. Like most people, we have too much stuff. We spend too much time on it. We are always shopping for it. When we aren't bringing in new stuff, we are organizing the old stuff. When we get tired of organizing it, we get rid of it. Then we get more stuff. We're tired of our lives being a monument to our stuff. We want to enjoy something else.
2. The world doesn't need any more stuff. The stores are full of it. People are going into debt for it. Ultimately, it ends up in the trash. There is too much stigma in this country regarding "used" stuff. Who knows how many people throw away a perfectly good item while someone across town is out buying the exact same thing? We don't want to be a part of this any more.

Our family would like to live more responsibly. We'd like to consume responsibly, to dispose of our old things responsibly, and ultimately reduce our carbon footprints on this earth.

In this economy, who has money to throw away? I'd have to say we've always been frugal. I am a seasoned sale shopper, I enjoy finding a bargain and we have lots and lots of very nice things bought at bargain prices. I don't mind shopping garage sales and resale shops. But really, we don't need half of what we have. Regardless of what a bargain anything was, I could just as easily have done without it. So not only did I spend money on these bargains, I have spent countless dollars on bins and baskets and closet organizers and magazines and other things to control the clutter in the house. We even contemplated moving. Did this stuff really make our lives any better? Wouldn't that money have served us better in the bank??

Our pledge:
1. For one full year, we will not buy new items from retail stores. If we really, really need or want something, we will find it used/second hand. Of course, there will be some exceptions--groceries, health and beauty items like medicines and shampoo, underwear. We will use all of what we have to the best of our ability before we consume any more of those items, though.

2. For every item we buy, we will get rid of something. And we will dispose of it responsibly.

Join us on our journey and wish us luck!


Megz said...

wow it looks VER VERY nice

Anonymous said...

Good luck! This sounds like a great goal for 2009!

Lynn M said...

Good luck! I will be following your journey and hopefully be inspired to follow in your footsteps.

Bethanne said...

I'm so glad you said that about the underwear. ;-) Good luck. It's a great idea. I might have to get into this.

hannaqueen said...

Ive been doing this since I was born. Literally! My mother did this because we were poor, and I do this now because its the right thing to do. Congrats to you! Im so excited for you and your family. Check my blog out, its all free stuff and frugal thrifty idea's and recipe's. I stand proudly behind you!