Friday, January 9, 2009

Out with the old, in with the (sort of) new..

I never realized how much time I spent bargain hunting--reading sale ads, browsing/shopping online, etc. Now that there's no reason to pick up the Target ad or click on that Gymboree sale link, I have more time on my hands than I thought I would. I'm no longer telling the kids "Just a minute, I'm doing something!"
It is warm here, close to 80 degrees, and when I dressed my littlest one in shorts and a t-shirt that hadn't been out of the drawer in a while, he looked like Richard Simmons! Time to move up to a 3T! Luckily some larger 2T clothes still fit, but I realized I needed to do something about his summer wardrobe. I put a post on Freecycle asking if anyone had some outgrown clothes in the size I needed. Luckily, someone e-mailed right away and had a bag of 3T clothes that no longer fit her little one. My hubby is going to pick it up after work, as she is located near his office. I went thru and removed 5 pairs of shorts and 15 shirts from my son's dresser and found a taker on Freecycle for those. She will pick them up tomorrow.
While I was on Freecycle I saw a post offering 6 adorable Pottery Barn retro lunch trays. The giver lived just a few blocks from me, so I picked those up and they couldn't be cuter! They will be perfect for serving meals outside, which we frequently do in warm weather. And they come just in time for a visit from my nieces tomorrow!
What am I finding a new home for today? In addition to the clothes I gave on freecycle, I have 2 boxes of books and misc to go to charity in the back of my car right now. I also collected a box of magazines, phone books and misc recyclable paper to go to the fund-raising recycle bin at my daughter's school. Lastly, I have yet more clothes and shoes culled from my daughter's room to pass on to my nieces when they visit. So I think I've made up for the lunch trays!!

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