Thursday, January 8, 2009

A week in the life...

Our first week as non-consumers:

January 1:
We visited the zoo for free zoo day. We brought a cooler with our snacks and lunches and enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon. I made it a point not to buy a newspaper and look over the ads for bargains. It was almost a relief!!

January 2: We resumed work on our downstairs floor. In October, we bought all the materials to put engineered hardwood downstairs, and finished all but one room. We removed the carpet and pad in this last room, and I found a new home for it on Freecycle. ( When the room was empty, we decided ("we" being ME) that it would be best to go ahead and paint it. I've been secretly wishing for a warm, deep sage green in there. I put a post on freecycle asking if anyone needed to dispose of leftover paint in that color, and lo and behold we found a couple gallons of it! When we got it home, it was a little too "lime-green", so I mixed it with a rich golden brown that we had leftover in the garage. It came out PERFECT! We found all the materials we needed in the garage (some required some searching--ordinarily we'd have just bought new stuff) and painted the room. We put the floor down, and it is beautiful. I'll post pics when I figure out how to do it!

January 3: Received a check in the mail for $120 for clothes of my daughter's that I listed on Craigslist. They were nice Gymboree clothes that I got at bargain prices and took good care of.
I also brought a bag of clothes to my neices along with some workbooks and study materials my daughter no longer needs.

January 4: Bought 2 new light fixtures on Craigslist--1 for the room we just re-did and the other for the sitting area in our bedroom, where the fixture was falling apart. Paid $5 each. We got a bargain--they are very nice! Changed them out today and they look wonderful.

January 5: Took the kids to Incredible Pizza Company for the last day of Christmas break. Spent $25 on all-you-can-eat buffets for the 4 of us, and used a coupon to get a free $20 game card. It kept us busy all day. We took frequent snack breaks at the buffet, and I was able to get by without making lunch or dinner. A great day!

January 6: Back to school. My daughter needed more school supplies. Luckily, I had just gone thru the house and organized our hundreds of random pens, pencils, and misc office items so I was able to easily put my hands on everything she needed.

January 7: Grocery day. Ran into Target to look for good prices on organic meat. Normally I would scan the ends of the aisles for bargains, but didn't do it today. Saved time, money and space!

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