Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lunch and shopping

One of the things I always loved to do on a Sunday after church was to go out to lunch, then shop while my husband took the kids to the mall play area. Well, lunch still works out fine but now we have to take shopping out of the equation. Or so I thought...

After organizing all my "new" clothes into the closet yesterday after the clothing swap, I made a short list of the things I'd like to have to complete my wardrobe. I'm pretty happy in general with everything in the closet right now--it all fits, I like it, everything mixes and matches well and right now I could probably find an outfit for any occasion neccessary. All that, and my very small closet is neat and organized, with space to spare! WOW! The short list of things that would make my outfits stretch further: white shirts, a pair of black pumps to wear with winter dresses, and a roomy dark brown purse for church and outings. (roomy enough for an extra diaper and snacks)

One item bumped from the "want" to the "need" list was a pair of tennis shoes for my son. We can't find one of his shoes, which has been missing for about a month, and have come to the conclusion that it fell out of the car or met another such permanent fate. Its been warm, so he's been getting by with his 2 pairs of sandals. Well, a cold front came through and his chubby little feet were cold in those sandals, so it was time to find him some shoes!!

We went to lunch today at a favorite seafood restaraunt, and it just so happens that the thrift store that benefits the Women's Shelter was on the way. So I popped in with my list, and was lucky to find 2 of the things on it, along with a bonus! I managed to find a pair of Nike tennis shoes, missing one shoelace but otherwise looking brand new, in his size for only $3.00! (I pulled laces from another pair of shoes when we got home, and they are good as new)Further searching turned up a high-quality, well-made dark brown leather purse with all the features I was looking for priced at $2.00. I also found some wrought-iron candlesticks for the mantle for 50 cents each. There were similar great bargains on toys, but after some deliberation I passed on them, because right now we just don't need to add to the toy pile. So anyway, not only did I find the shoes my son needed and 2 things I wanted, but I walked out for less than $6.50 after tax. Even my husband was excited!

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