Sunday, January 18, 2009

Planting seeds

Yesterday was such a different kind of Saturday for us. We're usually going non-stop all day. Of course, it helps that its not soccer season and there weren't any birthday parties scheduled. But since there was no shopping to do and no need to go out, we had lots of time to focus on "being home". We had a leisurely breakfast, and afterward my daughter and I made a batch of cookies and also a batch of frozen homemade strawberry treats that the kids love. My husband finished up detail work on the new wood floor while I spent time in the back yard with the kids. The mild, pleasant weather put me in mind of spring, so it seemed like a good time to start some plants in pots for our spring garden.
I should emphasize that my husband and I are terrible gardeners. We get excited every spring and buy stuff for a garden. We always plant it too late, care for it too little and are thankful to get anything out of it at all. Really, its all been a by-product of being too busy and spending too much time outside of the home focusing on what we don't have. Now that we are focusing on what we DO have, I hope this can change!
I was pleasantly surprised to find everything I needed in one place in the garage--potting soil, pots, and seeds. I planted zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers in some cute little terra cotta pots that my daughter had once painted and put them in the kitchen windowsill. I labelled them with a sharpie so I'd now what was what. They actually look pretty cute there! I found 2 larger plastic pots and started some cilantro and parsely in those. Our unused wrought-iron plant stand was in the corner of the garage, so I pulled it out and arranged the newly-planted items on it along with some aloe vera and other things I had scattered in various places. In all, this took half an hour. And it felt SOOO good!! We still have lettuce seeds to plant in our big terra cotta pots that currently house dead tomato plants from last summer. In our mild climate, lettuce will grow all winter as long as we move it indoors in the rare event of a freeze. Now I feel like I have breathed new life into another of our piles of "stuff"!!

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