Thursday, April 2, 2009

shopping, reduced-for-quick-sale and menus

I actually went grocery shopping on Sunday and never got around to posting anything about it, but I was so excited about the deals I found that I figure Thursday is better than never! I seem to be finding plenty of organic chicken marked down these days. Maybe its something people are cutting out of their budget during tough times--who knows. Even though we have plenty, I bought it to stick in the freezer for when the deals aren't so plentiful. I was thrilled to find organic gourmet coffee marked down from $10 to $4.99 a bag--I bought all 3. We will be enjoying this find all month! And the cute little mini pitas were only 99 cents a bag. I never buy things like this because they don't seem worth the price, but at 99 cents I'm willing to spring for them. I put one bag in the freezer and we've been eating the other this week. Hubby and I have been enjoying them as snacks with a white bean and pesto spread I made, while the little one has been eating "spaceship" pb&j sandwiches. I actually bought store-bought yogurt this week. They had my daughter's favorite flavor marked down, which I haven't been able to replicate at home, so I took a break from yogurt-making this week and put these in her lunch boxes. Also pictured with the yogurt were my two extravagant (75% off) finds--some fresh mozzerella cheese (YUM!) and an imported sheeps-milk feta. These are the things that make me feel like a queen--such indulgence!!!
There were some great sales on produce this week. Fresh asparagus was 50 cents a pound! I was so excited I bought a HUGE bag for less than $2.00. I got online when I got home to search for recipes when I got home and we've been really enjoying it this week. I will miss it when the season is over! I rounded out the produce with broccoli, cabbage, bananas, grapefruit, mushrooms and grapes on sale along with sweet potatoes, cauliflower, organic apples and organic celery very much NOT on sale.
My coupon deals--got a bag of rice cakes for free, whole wheat pasta for 29 cents, saved $1 on organic eggs, got a package of Huggies for $4.99 and Kroger-brand diapers for $2.99, cheese $1 for 8 oz (got 3).
Finally I picked up some staples--butter, canola oil, frozen veggies and salt (I went all out for the Mediterranian sea salt) bread, and sugar-free ice cream. My work was done!
In total I spent $104.28. My savings thru sales, coupons and reduced items was $64.12.
once I got home with all these goodies, I revised my meal plan for the week. We have been eating SOOO well, even the kids are happy! We haven't even considered going out to eat. Here's what we have been (and will be) eating:
SUNDAY: grilled pork chops, sauteed cabbage, baked sweet potatoes,
MONDAY: baked chicken legs, suateed asparagus, steamed broccoli, green salad
TUESDAY:steak fingers, mashed potatoes, steamed yellow squash*, mustard greens*,
*from frozen from my parents garden. I also cooked all the rest of last weeks potatoes and froze mashed potatoes for later meals.
WEDNESDAY:salmon topped with sauteed mushrooms and green onions, steamed cauliflower, blanched asparagus marinated in lemon vinaigrette
THURSDAY:chicken breast topped with pesto and mozzerella, whole wheat pasta with olive oil, green beans, roasted asparagus parmegiano
FRIDAY: crock pot hamburger soup, homemade bread, salad
SATURDAY: turkey meatballs, brown rice, sesame broccoli
SUNDAY: lemon pepper pork chops, homemade coleslaw, sauteed sweet potato rounds, corn on the cob
We are still doing the dessert thing and its still keeping the kids eating like I want them to. We've been having either sugar-free ice cream or sugar-free pudding.
Breakfasts have been eggs this week, since my daughter is having achievement tests at school and needs protein to get her through the morning. I am allergic to eggs and the kids don't love them, so this isn't a usual week for us. I've been serving them with either pancakes, home cooked oatmeal or toast. I've been having cooked oat bran and a grapefruit every morning.

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