Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday's tag sale bounty

What's a tag sale without something for the kids?! The ball-drop toy was $1.00 and the tiny rollerblades were $2.00. My son was thrilled! Not pictured is a like-new swimsuit with matching skirt for my daughter for 50 cents.
Welcome to our home! The "new" wreath was $1.00

I love tag sales! The two mirrors above the buffet--solid metal, very heavy, just what I wanted AND with the $49.99 price stickers still attached to each, were $5 each.

Saturday was one of the two days I look forward to in our neighborhood--tag sale day! We aren't allowed to have individual garage sales, so twice a year a tag sale is held at the school and neighborhood residents can rent spaces. I have found that this is when the affluent in our neighborhood (and sometimes us) sell all kinds of great stuff for bargain prices. I went with my list and $30, knowing it would be a treasure trove of household decor and I wasn't disappointed. I came home and put everything in the space where I wanted it to go, and am enjoying the results.

The picture above is actually a plate stand I got on Craigslist the same day with my leftover money. The remainder came from the tag sale.

A nice roomy glass jar for storing treats--50 cents.


A wrought-iron candle stand for the ledge at the top of the stairs--$1.00

Two nice picture frames for the dresser in the master bedroom--$3.00

Two matching baskets for the kitchen--$1.00 for both

My husband went out before I did with his shopping list. He wanted an outdoor light fixture, as he noticed when replacing siding that ours had rusted through. He also wanted a coffee maker for work, since they don't offer decaf and that's what he drinks. He found this coffee maker for $3.00 and its so much better than than the one we currently use that I traded him!

And he found his light fixture for another $3.oo. A little cleaning and maybe a coat of rustoleum and it will do nicely.
So, we spent $26 at the tag sale and the last $4.00 for an item on Craigslist and I am more than pleased with the difference it made in our home. I love to decorate on a dime!
Did I mention it was drizzling, with huge thunderstorms and possible flooding predicted by 10 a.m.? Only a few die-hard sellers were out with tents or selling from the backs of their cars and a few crazy buyers (ahem) were shopping. I made it home before the real rain started.


Anonymous said...

I love the two mirrors above the buffet. Your house looks so nice. Congratulations on the wonderful finds.

2simplify said...

Thank you!!!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

What great finds! I want to live where you live :)

Anonymous said...

Those mirrors are great! What, no Christmas china this time? :)

2simplify said...

Anon--funny you should bring up Christmas. Wait 'til you see my next post! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you seem to always find such great stuff!