Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Its Christmas again!

I have a very thoughful friend. She has just moved out of her house, and in the process realized she had stuff she'd rather give away than move. She set aside some things she knew I could use and would like and called me over yesterday. Pictured above is a set of christmas stoneware with all the accessories. Now I have formal AND everyday Christmas china. How fancy is that?? And the kicker--she wants to start over with her Christmas decorations, so she gave a few boxes to me. This includes rugs, floral items, a giant stuffed snowman--you name it, all following a certain theme. Did I mention my friend is an interior decorator?? I can't wait 'till Christmas--I may just have to decorate in July. :)
Next is a windfall of toddler and preschool educational items. Her daughter has outgrown them but they are perfect for my son. I spent yesterday arranging them in the buffet next to the table so that we can work together on these activities during the day. Not pictured is a crate of project/educational books from when my friend homeschooled her daughter. They are the right level for my daughter now, so we will have lots of fun activities to keep hands busy this summer.

Though you can hardly see it, she gave me the cute little metal sign on the buffet along with the metal basket. The breakfast room is coming along nicely, considering I've spent a grand total of $10 on it. :)

This cute little Melissa and Doug calendar was with the educational items. My daughter claimed it immediately and ran up to her room to organize her month. Its hanging on her closet door.

These pretty decorative eggs are now decorating my office shelves. I have been cleaning and organizing the office this week, so they came at just the right time.
Not pictured is a pretty outdoor rug. We have everything moved from the patio because my husband is going to paint out there, but I can't wait to put it out.
What a wonderful surprise yesterday. my friend was happy to have some things hauled away for her, and I was glad to get them and put them to good use.


Jessica said...

thats very exciting!!!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I have some friends who are moving and gave us a bunch of wonderful things they no longer need - it's very exciting when things come together like that, isn't it?

2simplify said...

Jenyfer, isn't it great to have friends like that??
You're doing them a favor by hauling off their things, doing the earth a favor by keeping it out of a landfill AND enjoying your new bounty all at once!Everybody wins.