Friday, February 20, 2009

Swagbucks and a shameless plea

I tend not to like promotions in blogs and want to stay away from them myself, but I discovered a new source of free gift cards and want to give it a go. Hopefully, we can all help each other because others out there might want to do this too. Have you ever heard of Swagbucks? I heard about it just the other day from a reputable source. She's already gotten a $5 Starbucks card after 1 week, so I figured I'd look into it. Swagbucks is a search engine that you can use instead of Google or whatever. You sign up (all you need is name and e-mail, no street address) and start earning points for using the search engine. You redeem the points for prizes, one of which is gift cards. For 50 points, you get a $5 Starbucks card. I've got my eye on the $20 Target card for 220 points, which I will use at the nearby SuperTarget for groceries.

The points are randomly awarded as you search. You don't get something every time, and its not always the same number of points. The person I know got 50 points in a week. I signed up about 3 days ago, have used it about 5 times, and have 16 points. I figure its really no big effort on my part, and if every few months I can get a $20 Target gift card, what the heck!!

Okay, for the shameless plea. If people sign up thru your link, you get a point to match every one of theirs. I LOVE that! So if someone uses my link to sign up, I get one point for every point they get. And they can go on to give the link to others, and get matching points for those people. So if you are at all inclined to sign up, please do it thru me! I'd encourage you to go tot he website on your own and check it out. If you like it and want to try it, I would be eternally thrilled if you come back to my blog and sign up thru my link. Every little bit helps!

There is also a section detailing how you can get points for sending in old cell phones, MP3 players, video consoles and games, etc. We don't have anything like that around, but for those who do it might be of interest to check out. You can also do other things like internet shopping thru their links to get points, but we don't shop so we won't be doing that one either.

Thanks for reading my shameless plea and best of luck if you decide to give Swagbucks a shot!

Here's the referral link:

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