Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Like mother, like daughter

I mentioned a few posts back that lately, as soon as I've determined that I need something, a source for it seems to appear. I guess the same holds true for my daughter. She and I have been talking this week about what she'd like to do for valentines for her class party. She's perfectly happy to make them herself, but thus far less than thrilled with her choices of craft materials. I had a few boxes of clearance valentines from years past (3-D bugs and Cartoon Network) but none were really her cup of tea. We have construction paper, but not alot of pink and red. Nonetheless, we were brainstorming and planning to get to work tomorrow night on our best option.

Well, today she went to a friend's house to play, and the mother brought out valentine craft materials to keep the kids busy. To any other child, this is just a fun activity. To my daughter, it was a dream come true!! She got to work and made a valentine for every child in her class and one for each teacher. She was beaming when she arrived home--SO proud to have contributed a solution to our family pact not to buy anything new.

I'm not sure what the other mother thought when my daughter turned her craft project into an assembly line, but I will call her tomorrow and thank her for her patience. Our kids frequently do craft projects together, so I'm sure she found it amusing and was glad the kids stayed entertained for so long!

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Jessica said...

Oh! How awesome is that! They are too cute!!