Sunday, May 3, 2009

Glad we were prepared...

As I mentioned in a previous post, the things I think I need to prepare for aren't usually the things that end up happening. I had my family well prepared to batten down the hatches and avoid those nasty sick people if the need arose. So naturally, we became said sick people. My son and I both have fevers. He has had his since Tuesday and is also coughing and congested. Mine started Friday and seems to be following his progression of symptoms. After running this by his pediatrician, we are pretty sure it is not the flu--but we shouldn't be out spreading it around OR picking up something else. So we are hunkered down at home under different circumstances than I thought. We have plenty to eat, no need to ge the store, and all the medicine we could use. If my son's fever doesn't quit by tomorrow, he will need to go in to make sure he hasn't developed any secondary infection like pneumonia. However, from what the pediatrician told me to look for over the phone, I don't think he has. He is being treated with plenty of attention and TLC at home, which I think is the best thing for him.
Its probably best that we stay in, as a child in our neighborhood DOES have swine flu, prompting the closure of a day care center in the neighborhood that she attended while contageous. Those kids who are now out of school will be out and about at the same places we usually go, so we might as well be inside anyway.
This is going to put a damper on my garage sale habit!!

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fooey on flu said...

I'm so sorry you and your son are feeling ill. Maybe having to stay inside will spare you from contracting the swine flu. I am quite sure that the numbers of infected are much higher than are being reported.

I am concerned that this flu could easily mutate to become Tamiflu resistant. Or, it could combine with the deadly H5N1 flu and recirculate in a very nasty second wave. I think it would be wise to replenish your stockpile (and maybe supplement it if you have the means)

Feel better soon!