Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Freecycle find

I haven't been paying much attention to Freecycle lately, other than to give things away, because we have just a short list of things we'd like to have and we really don't need to bring anything else into the house. I'm so pleased with all our decluttering and the feeling of everything being in its place--I don't want to lose it! But one of the things I've wanted for a long time is Christmas dishes. Every year I tell myself I'll get some, and every year I decide it isn't worth the money to buy a set of dishes I'll only use for a few weeks. Of course, I always intend to find them on post-holiday clearance, but that never happens either. So I was really excited to see a post offering some on Freecycle--a service for 4, perfect for our family. The giver lived only a few blocks from me, so I was able to have them in my hands in about 15 minutes. I'm pretty excited about this find--too bad I have another 8 months until I can decorate for Christmas. They'll be waiting!


Anonymous said...

What a nice find! I bet that now that you know to look for them, you will come across finishing pieces at garage sales, thrift stores etc. too. (If 8 months is too long to wait, you could celebrate 'Christmas in July').

2simplify said...

What a great idea--that's really got me thinking and planning! Now that I've got something to go on, I've got 8 months to search for Christmas table items. I would LOVE to have a whole beautiful table put together, linens and all. That's going on my yard-sale-search list!!